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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment
of my autograph newsletter.

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Now to the autographs! Enjoy!

Chandler Marks
SENT: Oct 10/04
RECEIVED:Nov 15/04

Jose Carreras
SENT: Oct 12/04
RECEIVED:Nov 02/04

Bob Riley (Governor of Alabama)
SENT: Nov 07/04
RECEIVED:Nov 16/04

Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada
SENT: Nov 14/04
RECEIVED:Nov 18/04

Ralph Klein (Premier of Alberta)
SENT: June 24/04
RECEIVED:Nov 04/04

Ruth Ann Minner (Governor of Delaware)
SENT: Nov 10/04
RECEIVED:Nov 19/04

SENT:May 24/04
RECEIVED:Nov 15/04

Katharine Leis
SENT: Nov 14/04
RECEIVED:Nov 22/04

Sam Hennings
SENT:Oct 30/04
RECEIVED:Nov 10/04

Patton Oswalt
SENT: Oct 29/04
RECEIVED:Nov 16/04

Scotty Ace
SENT: Nov 07/04
RECEIVED:Nov 22/04

Barron Miles c/o Montreal Alouettes 1260 University, Suite 100 Montreal, Quebec H3B 3B9 Canada
SENT: Nov 03/04

Uzooma Okeke c/o Montreal Alouettes 1260 University, Suite 100 Montreal, Quebec H3B 3B9 Canada
SENT: Nov 03/04
RECEIVED: Nov 17/04

Paul Lambert c/o Montreal Alouettes 1260 University, Suite 100 Montreal, Quebec H3B 3B9 Canada
SENT: Nov 03/04

Philippe Girard c/o Montreal Alouettes 1260 University, Suite 100 Montreal, Quebec H3B 3B9 Canada
SENT: Nov 03/04
RECEIVED:Nov 22/04

Bob Barker (The Price is Right)
SENT: Nov 13/04
RECEIVED:Nov 22/04

Amanda Beard (Olympic Swimmer)
SENT: Nov 11/04
RECEIVED:Nov 16/04

Frank Abagnale (Catch Me If You Can)
SENT: Nov 07/04
RECEIVED:Nov 15/04

Michael Vaughan (Cricket)
SENT: Oct 15/04
RECEIVED:Oct 26/04

Paul Hewitt (Georgia Tech Mens Basketball Coach)
SENT: July 17/03
RECEIVED: Sept 10/03

Adam Ferrara (Comedian)
SENT: Nov 11/04
RECEIVED:Nov 19/04

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