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Monday, November 08, 2004

Seattle Seahawks Fanpack

This is what I received from the Seattle Seahawks...
rally towel
3 pocket schedules
2 pins
6X9 color photo (replica of game ticket)
fridge magnet

Sent request: October 09/04
Received: November 08/04
Took: 31 days


At 3:25 AM, Blogger Troy Bruce said...

nice site(whatever you want to call it)!
how do you gwet so many fan packs what has been your best one recently?
(check my site out

At 6:37 AM, Blogger John Doh said...

I am just very persistant. I try to send out requests every couple of months. My best pack recently was probably from the Seahawks simply because they sent a double mailing. I received the identical pack twice within the same week. I will check out your site.


At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.


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